friend requests Ever since Facebook apps launched, one of my biggest pet-peeves has been all of the darn app requests I receive.  It’s annoying to say the least, and the worst part about it all is that there is no easy way to ignore them all with one click.  For each individual request, I must click “ignore” over and over again. The number of requests usually builds up to about 30 before I get sick of having a big list of them, and then I take the time to go through and click ignore for each one. I figured if I was frustrated with this issue, certainly many of you are as well which is why you’re going to love a new “one-click” solution to ignore them all!

All you have to do is go to and follow the instructions. You’ll end up bookmarking a bookmarklet and then once you go back to the page with all of your pending application requests over at Facebook, you’ll click the bookmark and the JavaScript program will go to work and all of the ignore buttons will be automatically clicked. You don’t have to worry about friend and group requests getting ignored because this solution is only for the application requests. This is the perfect one-click solution I have been looking for. Hallelujah! Now why couldn’t Facebook have thought of incorporating an “ignore all” feature?

Click here to see a video of this bookmarklet in action.

Note: Currently works in IE and Firefox

Source: Digital Inspiration [via DailyApps]