bootcamp right click.jpg

It’s nice that with Apple computers you can now run the Windows operating system using Boot Camp, but they don’t tell you how to do things like right-click. For the longest time I didn’t notice any problems because I often have my MacBook Pro hooked up to an external mouse and keyboard, and the mouse has two-buttons just like most standard computer mice. The MacBook Pro, however, has just a single mouse button. When running the Mac OS that’s not a problem because a two-finger tap on the trackpad simulates a right-click, or you can hold down the Control key and click for the same results. What about when running Windows with Boot Camp?

One day I was running Vista in Boot Camp without using my external keyboard and mouse, and that’s when I realized the lack of being able to right-click. I did notice that you could simulate the Delete key by pressing Fn+Backspace, but I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to right-click. Eventually I stumbled across Apple’s rather counter-intuitive method for right-clicking: put two fingers on the trackpad, and then press the mouse button. It’s a bit crazy, but it worked and I was happy.

If you don’t have a trackpad, but are still confined to a one-button mouse in Windows you should checkout the free Apple Mouse Utility (download mirror) written back in 2002. Just download, extract, and run the Apple Mouse Utility. After that you’ll be able to right-click by simply holding down the Control key and pressing the mouse button. The program says that it’s designed for Windows NT/9x, but I tested it in Vista and it works just fine.