drives devices dock stack.pngOne of the things that I found interesting when getting used to my Mac was that Apple didn’t include a way to quickly access the connected drives from the Dock. Sure they place the shortcuts on the desktop for everything that’s connected, but navigating to the Dock is much faster in my opinion.

I didn’t think adding any connected drives and devices to the Dock would be too difficult since you can already add any folder, which will then create a stack. After a little searching I came across an easy solution on the MacRumors forum:

  1. Open Finder and press Shift+Command+G
  2. Type /Volumes into the window that appears, and press Go
  3. The Finder window should now display a hidden folder called Volumes located at the root of your hard drive, and in it are shortcuts to all of the connected drives/devices
  4. Drag the Volumes folder onto your Dock to create a stack from it (switch to column view in Finder if you don’t see the Volumes folder)

Whenever you click on the newly created stack it will pop-out with any DVD’s, USB drives, cameras, and external drives that might be connected to your computer. Pretty cool, huh?