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We don’t know why shipment tracking services are so intriguing lately, but they are. Maybe it’s because we’ve had a handful of packages shipping (selling on eBay) and being delivered lately. Last week we wrote about how you can use Twitter to track your UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL shipments, so now today we’re going to explain how to track your UPS or FedEx packages via email instantly, while on the go. It’s actually pretty simple.

All you’ll need is the tracking number, and then you’ll need the following email addresses:


With your tracking number in hand, go to compose a new email. Leave the subject line blank, address it to whichever service is delivering (or shipping) your package (either FedEx or UPS), and then put the tracking number of the package in the body of the message and send it. Within seconds of sending the message, you’ll receive a reply with the status of your shipment. It’s really as simple as that!

Now some of you are thinking to yourself that you can just go to either FedEx or UPS, and enter your tracking number to get updates, so how is this useful? This will probably be most useful for those of you who are away from your computer, but have a mobile phone with the Internet enabled and want an update.

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