Microsoft includes a feature in Windows that many people would love to use … if they knew about it. It’s the ability to completely control your mouse using only the keyboard, but since it is buried in the Accessibility Options a lot of people never know it’s there.

The feature is called MouseKeys, and once enabled you’ll be able to fully control your mouse using the number pad on your keyboard. One of the reasons that I use this from time to time is to move the mouse more precisely, which is extremely handy when doing graphics work.

So how do you enable the feature? Here are the steps needed for both Vista and XP…

Mouse Keys
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  1. Open up the Control Panel and type MouseKeys into the search box. Click on the option that says Move the pointer with the keypad using MouseKeys.
  2. Check the corresponding box to turn on MouseKeys. For more advanced options (pictured to the right) you can click the Set up MouseKeys located underneath the checkbox.


  1. Open the Control Panel, and click Accessibility Options.
  2. Select the Mouse tab, and check the Use MouseKeys box to turn the feature on. For more advanced options you can click Settings.