There may be times when you’re trying to find a page on a specific website but can’t find it for one reason or another. Thankfully there’s Google to help you search within a website so that you can easily find the page you’re looking for. Google has three different options available and each one is very simple to use but will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Look for the Search Box
    This is the newest method available when you perform a search at  Google found that for certain websites, there are many visitors who usually end up wanting a refined search.  One example is Microsoft. People may search Google for Microsoft and then once they click through to Microsoft’s site, they perform another search for what they’re looking for within the site. Now when you do a search for Microsoft at Google, you’ll see a search box right after the result where you can enter a term and search within A screenshot of this can be seen below:
    google search 1 
    When the result appears with a search box (remember, not all results will show the search box), you can enter in another search term (like Windows Vista) and Google will search only Microsoft for Windows Vista related pages.
    Source: Thanks for the tip Yansky!
    Another simple way to search within a specific site is done right in the Google search box.  If there’s a specific page you’re looking for on a site, all you have to do is go to and in the search bar enter the topic you’re looking for followed by “site:” and then the site you’re wanting to search. If you were looking for an iPhone related article at CyberNet, it would look like this:

    All of the results will then be related iPhone articles from CyberNet. Be sure that you do not put a space after the colon, otherwise it will not work.
    google search 2

  3. Advanced Search
    Any time you go to, you’ll see an “advanced search” link next to the search box. By clicking the link, you’ll be given a variety of more advanced search options. One of them includes to search within a specific site or domain.
    google search 3