Picking up some batteries at the store can be quite discouraging because of the outrageously high prices that they can cost. As Lifehacker has been showing us lately things may not always be what they appear. Checkout what lies inside some of your everyday batteries:

–32 AA Batteries in a 6-Volt Battery–

Resting inside of a 6V lantern battery lies 32 AA batteries. A 6V battery typically only costs $4 or $5, so this is an astonishing deal to say the least. Although you do need to be careful because not every 6V battery will be a AA goldmine, and it really depends on the manufacturer. So your best bet might be to use up the 6V battery first on something useful, and then take it apart before you’re about to toss it.

–6 AAA Batteries in a 9-Volt Battery–

Inside of 9V battery you’ll find 6 AAA batteries nestled inside. Breaking into the casing of the 9V battery could be a chore though.

–8 Watch Batteries in a 12-Volt Battery–

Inside of a tiny 12V battery are 8 watch batteries tightly stacked together. I can’t remember the last time that I needed 8 of these suckers, but this is a steal considering a 12V costs less than one watch battery.