cell tower on moon As technology continues to advance there is no doubt that our ventures in space will get more extravagant. NASA, believe it or not, has plans to establish a colony on the south pole of the moon sometime after 2020. But no colony would ever be complete without a cellphone network, right? NASA seems to think so, and that’s why they are whipping up plans to do just that around 2012.

The project is called MoonLite, and will offer both voice and data communication. This is NASA we’re talking about so you would expect data transfer speeds to be measured in megabytes or even gigabytes, but that’s not exactly the case. The download throughput will be an excruciatingly slow 3Kbps, and the upload will be 2Kbps. That’s like 5% as fast as dial-up! I don’t think the scientists that will be inhabiting the colony will be spending any time on MySpace with speeds like that.

Hopefully the scientists don’t sit there and text message each other while driving their lunar rovers because it will take just one wrong turn and they’ll be floating around in outer space. And you thought the call from Mount Everest was special.

[via New Launches]
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