Hey!Watch You’re definitely going to want an invite for this one, just to try it out! Hey! Watch is a new online video converter that’s currently an invitation only beta. They’ve been working on this for a year, and now they’re just about ready for their full launch. Paid programs have been available for a while now, but a free online services that include the ability to upload from hard drives or a URL haven’t. They’re even offering a full API.

So, with no software needed, only a browser, you can get started. Just about any source is game like:

  • Online video services (Youtube, MySpace, Google Video, etc.)
  • Video Podcast feeds
  • Video links (direct or from a webpage)
  • Videos from your very own hard drive

After you’ve selected your source, then you’re able to choose from just about any output format you could want and to just about any device like:

  • DVD, Divx, mov, MP4, flv, swf, asf, Real, vcd, svcd
  • Devices (Mobile phone, iPod, PSP, NDS, Archos, Pocket PC, Creative Zen)

So about that API thing….

They’re offering a full API which means  developers will be able to create plugins and extensions which will certainly help the program expand. They also make use of a bookmarklet so that it is easy to keep track of the videos you’re wanting to convert and keep.  For example, if you’re viewing a video on Youtube, you can click the button and go back to the file later from the RSS feed (An RSS feed has been created for user’s converted files).

While this sounds like an awesome online video converter, I do have my concerns over the time it might take to upload a video from your hard drive, convert it, and then re-download it. Will people really be willing to take the time? The time it might take to do something like this may not be worth it. Earlier today, Ryan pointed this out in his CyberNotes article “How to Convert your Files for Free.” One of the free applications that he mentioned specifically for media is called MediaCoder which would do the same types of converting for free without the hassle of uploading and downloading. Another concern for Hey! Watch is bandwidth costs which could quickly blow them out of the water if the service takes off.

Regardless, it’s worth trying out, particularly if you have a fast Internet connection and you don’t like to clutter your computer with software. While it’s a ‘private’ beta, they do have an option to get an invite.  You simply enter in your email address, and you will receive an invite soon.

News Source: TechCrunch