Hidden Google Services Get RevealedIt seems like every few days someone is digging up some dirt on a new Google service or at least sniffing out some upcoming features. Tony Ruscoe really went above and beyond when he realized that registering for a new account at sandbox.google.com created an account but it was not a normal Google account. Once he created an account he was presented with the available services screen but everything on the list were things that were being tested (as pictured).

Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:

  • Google Events – This sounds like Google Calendar but could it be some kind of event directory that people can submit upcoming events for local areas?
  • Google Real Estate Search – Maybe Google will starting having a classified section for housing? Then people could pay using Google Checkout :D .
  • Mobile Marketplace – Looks like Google is attacking the mobile arena pretty hard and will possibly make it easier to shop around on those devices with small screens.

Sometimes it almost seems as though Google does this stuff on purpose just to confuse and perplex us. They probably sit there and make fun of us as our minds go crazy trying to guess services that probably don’t even exist. It wouldn’t surprise me if everyday at the Googleplex is April Fools.