safari troubles Remember how Apple is pushing out Safari to anyone with iTunes or QuickTime installed? The “update” notification was really starting to get on my nerves. I swear I was getting prompted at least once a week to install Safari, and that was regardless of whether I unchecked the box. It was almost enough to make me want to install it just so that I would get rid of the prompt. That was until I got a little wiser and realized that if I went to the Tools menu that there was an Ignore Selected Updates option. EUREKA!

And businesses… well, it’s a headache to say the least. An article by ComputerWorld was really an eye opener as to what corporations are enduring because of Apple’s distribution practices. They interviewed a network administrator at a bank who came in one morning to find Safari installed on 30 of their machines. The users of the computers likely just clicked “OK” when prompted by Apple’s Software Update service, which would then install Safari automatically. The end result was an unnecessary security risk at the bank.

Judging from March’s Safari stats pushing out the update this way didn’t help Apple out much. After all, just because Safari is installed doesn’t mean that people will actually use it. So how about we cut the shenanigans, Apple? It would make many lives easier including the already overworked network administrators.

Thanks to Storytellerofscifi for the tip!