guitar_hero_logo.jpg (JPEG Image, 489x352 pixels).pngThis is by no means “news,” just an interesting topic of conversation sent in as a tip. Some of you may know a few Guitar Hero addicts or maybe you are one yourself, but do you think it’s a little excessive if a high school student drops-out so that he can concentrate more on the game?

Back in mid-Summer, reported on a young-man named Blake Peebles who at age 16, was given permission from his parents to drop out of school so that he could focus on Guitar Hero. Granted, he does have a private tutor which his parents pay for, but the fact of the matter is that he has the tutor because school was taking away from his Guitar Hero time.

Peebles is into some competitive gaming at a local level, but the problem is that competitive gaming isn’t very lucrative at this point. While some of the very best gamers can earn about 80,000 a year, they say that on average, gamers are more likely to make about $20,000 to $30,000, if that. Peelbes has done well when it comes to tournaments in his area, winning about $1,000 in cash, but it’s going to be a different story if he starts participating in some of the larger competitions around the country and even around the World, where there are many others participating that are just as talented.

According to one competitive gamer who won the national championship for Halo 2, being successful as a competitive gamer is tough. He says, “when you want to go somewhere with this gaming stuff, you’ve got to be in the top 1 percent.” So what do you think? Was it worth it for Peebles to quit high school so that he could focus on Guitar Hero in hopes of becoming the next big competitive player?

Thanks for the anonymous tip!