Tales of Zoltar

Microsoft has really out done themselves this time. Out of all the companies in the world leave it to Microsoft to predict your future with Zoltar…and surprisingly they developed it to be very amusing.

You just have to enter in the name of the person that you want it to predict the future for and it will quickly tell you what lies ahead of them. After it predicts the future of the person that you requested it will give you an option to download Windows Live Messenger or to send the fortune to a friend.

If that starts to get boring just leave Zoltar sit there and things will start to happen. I have noticed a boat and limo “driving” along the ground as well as clouds floating in the sky.

I did a quick check to see if this was really made by Microsoft and looking at the WHOIS information it looks legit. Microsoft deserves a little credit for throwing something amusing into the mix of things they have created.

Thanks to the anonymous tipster who sent this in!

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P.S. I’m going to be a sod farmer according to Zoltar. :D