Hotmail According to a press release that I just received via email Hotmail is celebrating its 10th birthday after being founded back in 1996. I’m a Gmail user myself but before the days of Google’s email system I was a diehard Hotmail fan. In fact, I remember using Hotmail before Microsoft had even acquired it which was around a year after they launched.

Here are some interesting stats that the email also provided:

  • In 1996, 56,041 people signed up for the first Hotmail accounts, roughly the size of Taunton in  Somerset 
  • Almost half (43%) of PC owners in the UK have a Hotmail account
  • 1 billion emails are delivered to  Hotmail inboxes daily — that’s over 11,000 emails per second
  • 80 million emails are sent by Hotmail users daily, 20 times more than the number of flowers delivered by Interflora in the UK each year
  • On average, Hotmail users keep  137 emails in their inbox at any one time, 15 times more than the average number of SMS messages we have stored in our mobile phones
  • Hotmail is used in nearly every country in the World and is available in 17 languages
  • Over one fifth of the UK population has made friends via MSN Hotmail

From the sounds of it the email came from their UK division but it is remarkable nonetheless. It is still hard to believe that our email accounts have escaped out of the days of a few megabytes and we are now into the gigabytes.

Hotmail right now has approximately 270 million accounts created worldwide which is an astonishing number. Congratulations to the Hotmail team and I wish you continued success with the mail service!