To-do lists are something that help me get through my daily life. Having tried many different to-do list solutions, I began wondering what everyone else is using. For a little while I tinkered with Todoist, which is a really nice online service. The best part about it is that you can deeply nest tasks, and create an easy-to-follow hierarchy.

To-Do ListWith some inspiration from all of Lifehacker’s to-do list posts, I decided to move away from Todoist and began using a simple text editor to keep up with the things I needed to get done. Notepad just didn’t do enough for me so now I’m actually using Microsoft Word.  I like it because I can create bulleted lists and highlight things that I have either completed or need to assign a high priority. As you can see, my list to the right is quite colorful thanks to the highlighting capabilities that most word processors have.

One of Lifehacker’s most recent posts also goes through some of the things to keep your to-do list “fresh” and organized. My to-do list is normally pretty long, which they say is a big no-no since you’ll never get around to all of the stuff. I, however, separate out the things I need to do by putting them on separate pages, with the first page being the most important and the last page being things that I just don’t want to forget about. I guess you could say that it has even turned into my “idea catcher” since I pretty much throw everything into this file.

So how do you manage your to-do list? Do you use an online service, a text file, or do you just keep it all in your head?