How Does Bill Gates Make It Through The Work Day?

Microsoft’s Bill Gates is letting people how he makes use of technology in his work day. He has three monitors that he uses (as pictured) and all of them are hooked up to the same machine. This allows him to drag things across from one monitor to another in order to maximize his work area. His Outlook is on the left screen, then he views emails in the center screen and uses the screen on the right to browse the web.

His email is probably the best filtered in the world, since he has a personal secretary that composes a list of emails he receives that aren’t on his permitted list. His permitted list consists of people from HP, IBM, etc…

The amount of papers you will find on his desk are next to none. He wants almost everything in digital format for easy transferability and easy sharing. He uses the Web to get 90% of his news and OneNote to take any notes in a meeting.

The software he uses the most is Outlook, SharePoint (software for collaborating with others), OneNote (digital note taking), and Communicator (instant messaging and phone integration).

Honestly, I was expecting his office to be a little more extravagant than what it is. I am sure there is some stuff under-the-hood that he didn’t discuss like using a Pocket PC and possibly voice-activated devices in his office. The three 21″ monitors are a nice touch though :) .

News Source: CNN