Microsoft Windows Vista 5270 December CTP

We all know that the version of Windows Vista that is being released for the testing is the Ultimate Edition. This edition not only includes Media Center capabilities but also Tablet PC capabilities. Now, there have not been many people out there that talk about how Vista stacks up on a Tablet PC. The people over at Random Elements have installed it on an Acer C110 and seem to have some positive thoughts on it:

Flicks – these first appeared a while ago but acted in the same directions as dragging a document in Acrobat Reader (you had to flick down to scroll up and up to scroll down). Well the good news is that MS have obviously been listening and you now flick in the direction you want to go so that flick down now actually scrolls down! TIP autocomplete – autocomplete from the TIP is now implemented and rocks! When entering text via the TIP a small popup appears above the TIP with previous entries (will have to get a screenshot of this) Start Menu – as you no doubt saw with the screenshots of the leaked TAP build, the Start Menu has been revamped in order to make it more streamlined. Some people moaned about the icons for items on the right hand side being removed but a large icon pops up in place of the user picture when you mouse over items. Looks cool. Improved Tablet Button support – Tablet hardware buttons now have extra options. As well as being able to assign actions to them normally you can now assign actions to the “Press and Hold” event for each button giving you greater flexibility with a slate or convertible in slate mode. Touch training – as well as pen training on the Tablet you now also get “Touch Training” so that you can practice using Vista on Touchscreen devices.

He plans on putting screenshots up later of all the different things, so make sure you stop by Random Elements for a further update on the Tablet PC functionality of Windows Vista 5270!

News Source: Random Elements