How Does Windows Vista Compare To Mac OS X Leopard?Lifehacker has put together a great feature comparison guide that takes a look at both Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard. They cover various aspects such as backing up files, multiple desktops, searching, calendars, and mail. They maintain an unbiased view of both systems and seem to try hard not to declare a winner.

Vista has been tested by millions of people at this point but the OS X Leopard has kept their doors pretty tightly sealed in fear that Microsoft will steal some [more] of their ideas. Paul Thurrott (yes, from :) ) has a great article on some of the new features in OS X Leopard. He concludes his article by saying that he isn’t very impressed with the features that have been highlighted so far:

I’m no Microsoft cheerleader (sorry, it’s true). And I’m not claiming that Vista is somehow “better” than Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard, though I do find myself to be more productive in Windows than in OS X. Your mileage may vary. Ultimately, as a fan of technology, it’s hard not to be impressed by Apple in general, but depressed that Leopard doesn’t appear to be all that exciting. I, for one, am hoping that the secret features Jobs alluded to are as inspiring as they are mysterious. That’s the Apple I look up to.

So will the unannounced features live up to the excitement that they are drawing? Microsoft has already shown the world their cards but Apple is keeping their poker-face on until the very last moment.