NintendowiiAs you can imagine, Nintendo is doing pretty good for themselves after the huge success of the Wii. There’s no doubt that their future continues to look bright as the Wii is still hard to find, and the demand is definitely going strong.

While I knew that the Wii was doing well, I didn’t realize how dramatic Nintendo’s profits would be.  Numbers have just been released for the fiscal year ending in March, and Nintendo’s profits have increased by a whopping 77 percent.

These numbers are pretty astounding:

  • Reported net profit: 1.74 billion dollars (up from 826 million the year prior)
  • Sales: 8.13 billion dollars (up from 4.29 billion the year prior)

Within the first five months of the Wii being released to the public, 5.84 million were sold!

In related news, it’s apparent that the Playstation 2 isn’t going anywhere for a while, despite the fact that the PS3 is on the market. In fact, analysts are saying that the PS2 will continue to out-sell the PS3 for another two years.

In a way, it reminds me of the situation with Windows Vista. While the latest and greatest is available, people are still hesitant and sticking with XP, just as people are sticking to PS2. And clearly there’s a demand for XP, especially after Dell recently brought back XP as an offering on new machines.

I guess this just shows that the latest isn’t always the greatest!