Xbox 360 Picture Sells On eBay

Yes, you read the title right. Not only are people buying Xbox 360’s on eBay, but they are also buying pictures of the infamous video game system. A recent picture of the Xbox 360 has sold for ?470, but the real question is “was the buyer aware of this”. Everyone I am sure realizes that this was a scam, but can it be considered a scam since at the bottom of the listing it stated “This auction is not for a Xbox 360, but instead a picture of one”. This sentence came after about 40 other sentences all pushed together, and was obviously an attempt to catch a user that would not read the entire thing. The item number was eBay item number for this item was 8241041439 but has recently been removed from eBay because of the ‘scam’. Be sure to read the fine print on these auctions because there are always people out there to try and scam you even though they will say “the auction said what you would receive”.

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