Have you ever wondered how the Internet all got started? Knowing the crowd that is reading this, some of you probably already know. For those that don’t, you’ll want to take a look at a site that the National Science Foundation put together.

What they did with the site is very well thought out and it tells the story of how we got to where we are today with the Internet. They start in the 1960s and work their way up through the decades. For each decade they show the number of computers that were on the Internet and the Baud Rate. For example, from the site we learn that in the 1960’s, there were just 4 computers on the Internet and the Baud rate was 4,000. Compare that with the 1980s when there were 159,000 computers on the Internet and the Baud Rate was 1,400,000 or the 2000s with over 1,200,000,000 computers on the Internet and a Baud Rate of 20,000,000,000.

nsf birth of the internet.png

For each decade they have additional information in the form of articles, videos, presentations, and documents from their archives of information. Looking through the site was a great reminder that it wasn’t that long ago when we didn’t have the Internet and we weren’t connected with millions of people around the world like we are today.

Checkout The Birth of the Internet

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