The book type setting is something I haven’t had to worry about much, but that is largely because I don’t burn DVD’s very much anymore. The last time I did have to burn one, however, it was a DVD+R DL (dual layer) that didn’t want to work in the particular DVD player that I was trying it in. After some searching around I found out that not all DVD players recognize the DVD+R DL book type/bitsetting, and that it may be necessary to change it to DVD-ROM when burning.

Nero reportedly has an option that will let you do this, but I wanted to use something free. To my surprise I didn’t even realize that I had an app on my computer that was able to change the book type of the DVD… the program I’m talking about is ImgBurn.

Once you fire up ImgBurn you can go ahead and select one of the options related to burning a disc (e.g. “Write image file to disc”). Then right-click on the Destination drop-down menu (I know, it doesn’t seem like you should be able to right-click on a drop-down menu). That’s where you’ll see the option to change the book type:

imgburn change book type menu.png

Now you should be presented with a bunch of tabs that represent the different drive manufacturers. As long as you have one of the supported manufacturers (BenQ, LG, LITE-ON, NEC, Nu Tech, Plextor, RICOH, and Samsung) you should be able to change the book type:

imgburn change book type.png

The settings available depend on the manufacturer. For example, with LITE-ON you can change the book type setting so that it only takes affect on the next DVD that you burn, whereas with LG you have to make the setting default for the entire drive (although you can always change it back).

Once I burned the DVD using the DVD-ROM book type I was able to play the dual-layer DVD in my player without any troubles. I recommend giving ImgBurn a try if you’ve had similar compatibility troubles with your DVD+R or DVD+R DL media.

ImgBurn Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)