How To Collapse Unused Menus In Firefox

Firefox Menus take up a large portion of the navigation bar, and if you are like me then you rarely use those menu options. I go there every once in awhile to adjust settings or configure extensions, but I doubt I use the menus more than once per day.

That is where Tiny Menu comes in. It allows me to collapse all of the menus into one menu option. This gives me more room on my toolbar and doesn’t make it feel so cluttered. Maybe you are thinking to yourself that you use one or two of those menus and you don’t want to use this extension because it be too much of a hassle. Well, all you have to do is configure the options and tell it which menus you want it to collapse and which ones you don’t. Easy huh?

With the help of this extension I have been able to cut my Firefox down to just two toolbars, the navigation bar and my tabs bar. My navigation toolbar just has the address bar, navigation buttons, Google Bookmarks extension, and the search box. Thanks to Tiny Menu I was able to get rid of my toolbar clutter.

Install Tiny Menu Firefox Extension
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