How To Crack A Simple Program

There are a lot of people that want to be crackers and be knowledgeable enough to hack popular applications like Windows and Photoshop, but if you want to become a top notch cracker you have to start somewhere. This tutorial walks you through how to hack a specific program so that you can get use to the tools that you need to remove serial number authentication. The tough part isn’t following the directions, it is applying what you learned to other applications.

Tutorial On Cracking A Simple Program

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  1. Is it safe to download those programs?

  2. Yes, those programs are very common in all “cracking” tutorials and have been around for a long time. You could always run a virus scan on them just to make sure.


  3. Nice of you to include a link to a password protected page and not supply the password. I guess this is the first tute on cracking. Get past the password.

  4. Hmmm…I know that it was never like that before. Guess the guy must have been getting too many hits. ;)

  5. does anyone know 1-how to open a dos page and what orders are used ?
    2-how to desine a(virus,spywere,nt virus,nt spy were,other programs)in dos or windoes?
    3-what are back doors in windows?
    4-after cracking awep key how to get acomputers name and conecting to the network and start sending files?
    5-what are the ways to crack acode other than trying?
    6-how to change or replase a (dll,security ,,,,,,,,)files from aprogram without getting it locked?
    i willn’t make this to long you can answer on
    \\(mail) (this is not the end -7-8-9-10-11……………..)i came here to learn somthing to get started is this the wright plase.


  6. Sorry, I don’t have any experience with doing that stuff.

  7. Can you tell me what program should i use to crack a program?

  8. how to crack a progranm w/o using a program

  9. hey
    how are u everyone.someone told me that exist a program that it so easy to crack prog.its a program made from arabians i dont know the name.but the prog work like this:we have to download the updates of the prog that we wont to crack on his selfs homepage.i dont know something n someone help me?please

    • there is no such thing as a program that can crack everything…otherwise there would obviously be cracks for…Everything, god people…how many of you are totally computer retarded?

  10. This link takes you to a site that downloads a file that teaches you cracking but is password protected. Using my per-k cracking skills i cracked it nevertheless. the code is “14734510″ without the quotes.

  11. hi my name is riaz can u hellp me to get to no how to crack program plz plz

  12. Hey,
    i need to crack a program to play a game. I’m not experienced with these stuffs but i think that this program is very easy to crack. It’s a browser game and this program is to play that game when i’m not there on computer. I open this program and i go to school and when i came back this program has done everything right what i ordered that day. It wants license instead of 49 dollar for one year. But i can’t afford it. If anyone wanna help me or teach me that how can i do it. I would be glad.

    My mail adress is

    Programs name is [] V 2.3.8(prodigy)
    That browser game is travian

    I will wait for emails.

  13. hey i want to crack optical flares from it is a plug-in for vfx and i was wondering if anyone would know how to. thanx

  14. I have a program that I own and have the dongle that goes with it. The manufacture sold the maintenance to Maxwell Systems and they now charge you for new activation keys when ever you have a problem ($250)unless you join and pay for there gay little fee. So I need some help with cracking the software, It will be worth your while.

  15. i have a problem trying to crack a program. Im trying to crack bookmarking demon, which does not have a trial version, im beign searching all over the internet and still dont get a solution, all the videos i have seem are about how to crack trial versions, which is not my case….b the way, i got the official program which ask me for the serial number every time i try to run it…thanx, any help is appreciate

  16. hey guys if you want to learn about craking

    you need to have to know about assembly language………GOOD LUCK

  17. Don’t be fool to trust another program!
    some craking program can be harm your system or it will contain a virus so don’t risk it learn your own….

  18. Just dont download in this site, Warning for virus.

  19. Try this link: []

  20. this is full of crap………. you guys dont even teach each other how to crak… all is blah blah blah……. uselesssssssssssssssssssssss

  21. listen guys i am a Russian hacker and we as Russian hackers always give each other software and download links and teach each other anything. we are not like you americans that keep secrets and sell knowledge no we do not so plz give the people the knowledge of cracking dudes cum on huh! n if you guys do not then i send this to everyone GO TO GOOGLE AND SEARCH “HOW TO MAKE A KEYGEN” WITHOUT THE QUOTES AND YOU WILL FIND IT, IT WILL GIVE YOU THINGS LIKE SOFTICE AND OTHERS OR VISIT MY WEBSITE FOR OTHER HACKING []

  22. Hi!
    Can u help me to crack wpa2-psk keyphrase?

  23. i want crack, serial no. or patch forVideo Download Capture

  24. Hello, when i crack programs i use W32DSM89 and hiew32. First i open with the first program and dissemple the .exe file i want to crack, then i search for the error message, etc: “Wrong registration key” then go up some lines and should say like jump at adress: the line under that one there is a code. save it and now open the .exe file in hiew32. press f4 and change mode to decode. then search for your code and press f3 to edit it, then just change some sumbers, save and exit. open the .exe file, gratz u made it!! :P

  25. I need to know how to crack this software is called western union professional edition or any other but the one I stated is important any key gen I dont mind pls. anyone help….warenpickett…..

  26. Forget it now dayz… protections are much too difficult for a newbie, the crappy old programs and crack me’s are all you crack, most of the newer “tools” are worthless (Olly 2+) what a joke, can’t even use plug-ins and you can’t hide it from Armadildo.. good luck newbies, I quit!

  27. Hey,

    So this guy got into my emails, and downloaded some very PRIVATE content which I have since deleted no one else will be able to do the same. I don’t know if he wants to blackmail me with it or simply scare me, but I’d appreciate it very much if I could get some advice on what to do. Would hacking his online accounts help in any way?

  28. masterofdeceptionn

    Where is the tutorial ???

  29. im just blown away at the lack of knowleg,speeling and idiotcy..the real hackers are the ignorant ones like myself that will tell you go have your mommy buy it for you instead of hacking it.

  30. Well I have read the list and really not impressed with the lack of fellow hacking knowledge handed out to each other, if the fuzz had its way there would be no hacker’s around, but we ( together ) are the ones who teach the inexperienced, thats how the stuff gets passed on, Whats the point in learning to hack if you can’t share with other with the same interest!

  31. Hi there,
    I have an old school management program that needs to call back each 30 hours or so, in order to get a license that allows it to keep operational, otherwise it becomes read only. Any clues on how to crack that? There is no serial number, only its associated data base (.mdb) carries a password that I have already managed to uncover. Thanks in advance…

  32. what is this, people just do not know how to spell… damn i’m wondering how you booted your computer in the first place. anyway, please try to look for something of substance to post because you guys are just going on yapping….

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