How To Get A MSN Email Address

If you have been wanting to get an email address then now is the time to do it. Microsoft currently has that page available to everyone when normally only MSN subscribers can get to it. While this is nice it almost seems like they are trying to liquidate their email addresses or something before they open up the addresses.

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  1. Everytime I log into my MSN account a pop-up says it cannot activate
    my email account at this time. Why? Can you help?

  2. unable to get emails. How do I activate my man account?

    • please i want to know how i can get an id that will enable me to sign into,
      awaiting your urgent responds.
      thank you.

  3. I am tierd of every1 adding me to there msn list

  4. how do i get an email adress @ yahoo :?:

  5. how did u make your email address

  6. what site was it do

  7. this sucks i want an email adress

  8. hi can some one tell me hw to get another msn addi plz

  9. Use this link…
    It works. I just used it.

  10. if u want a email for yahoo go to yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|

  11. how do you get email becus i had an account bt cnt recive enything from facebook how can i start a new 1????????????

  12. i need a msn e-mail address now!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  13. :cry: i want to set up an email address!!! i don’t understand how to set 1 up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

  14. I was able to set one up. Great link! Works :)

  15. I have an msn address, but after my old computer crashed, I have not been able to access msn e-mail. The only thing I can get is hotmail – yuck! Help, please!

  16. plz i want to sign up in winows live massenger so what i can do to sign it up

  17. need my e-mail can get mail

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