How would you like five free iTunes song credits to get any songs of your choice? Well, you can, and it’s really simple.  The first requirement is that you need a Facebook account. If you don’t have an account but you still want the free songs, go sign up for an account and then come back here for further instructions. If you have an account, read on…

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-in to your Facebook account
  2. Search for the group “Ticketmaster Live”
  3. Join the group “Ticketmaster Live”
  4. Once you’ve joined, at the top of the group page, look for the redemption code which you can use at iTunes for your five free songs.
  5. If you want, click on “Redeem Free Music” and iTunes will launch


Of course after you’ve gotten the code and you’ve used it, feel free to leave the group, unless for some reason you actually want to be a part of it. If by chance you don’t use iTunes to buy your music but you know someone who does, you could always be a pal and join the group just so you can give your code away. Just note that the code does expire. It looks like you’ll have about a month to use it.

Thanks for the tip Andrew (who by the way, has gotten 25 free songs from this)!