How To Get The On-Screen Volume Bar

I just got done reformatting my Dell laptop (with the actual operating system CD and not their bloated restore functionality) and realized there was no on-screen volume or brightness display. I was quite disappointed because I like knowing how high I have my volume turned up without having to click on the system tray icon. So I was on a quest to find the software that I needed.

After much searching I came across some software that Dell provides called QuickSet. Here are the features that Dell QuickSet has:

  • Power management schemes
  • Battery resource information
  • Desktop font scaling
  • On-screen volume status
  • On-screen display brightness
  • Radio/Wireless activity
  • Presentation mode
  • Display switch
  • Hotkey hibernate
  • MediaDirect
  • Internal network card activity (depending on your system) – The Internal Network Card will be deactivated when user goes to battery mode and the network cable is unplugged. In order to activate it, reinsert AC power source.
  • The application also warns user when unsupported power-adapter/dock/battery scenarios are detected.

The screenshot above is what the on-screen volume bar looks like. This was exactly what I was looking forand from what I was reading around the Web anyone can use it. If you don’t own a Dell then you may not be able to benefit from a few of the features but many of them, like the on-screen displays, should work for you. I haven’t been able to confirm this yet so if someone is able to test it out on a non-Dell computer then let us know if it works.

Sorry, guess it is for Dell only computers.

Download Dell QuickSet
Dell QuickSet Homepage