Gmail Signature Gmail has always been my choice of online email clients, but one thing that is frustrating is that HTML signatures aren’t supported within the composition area. Well, Gmail can actually handle them there is just no easy way to have the signature automatically inserted with each message…until now.

Garett Rogers from Googling Google has stepped up to the plate and has figured out a way to automate the insertion of an HTML signature into the messages that you compose. The trick is nothing too extravagant but you will need to have Greasemonkey installed to get the job done. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Download and install Greasemonkey if you don’t already have it.
  2. Install the script
  3. You’ll need to have the HTML code for the signature that you want to insert. Once you have that just go to the Greasemonkey script manager and edit the script’s HTML signature. I have a screenshot of my code below.

So it is pretty easy to setup. To test it out I added the script to my Greasemonkey then went to the Greasemonkey script management window and edited the script from there. Here is a screenshot of the HTML text I used to generate the signature pictured above:

Greasemonkey HTML signature

The image in the signature is compliments of the Feedburner Headline Animator which I discuss in this post about making email signatures. It is an effective way to show off the latest posts from your blog or site, and the background is customizable so that you can make it unique to your site. Using that together with this Greasemonkey script is a great solution for anyone looking to attract new readers…especially if you send out a lot of emails. The great thing about this script is that a nice looking signature is no longer a pain to use in Gmail. Thanks Garett!