How To Join The Windows Live Mail Beta Program

That’s right, after a short matter of time, it has been discovered how you can join the Windows Live Mail Beta program without needing any invites! I just did it a few minutes ago following these simple steps:

  1. Open up Internet Explorer. MSN likes Internet Explorer, and hates Firefox. (Damn Microsoft!)
  2. For this to work, you must be signed out of MSN. Go to the MSN Homepage, and double check you are signed out.
  3. Copy this URL to Internet Explorer: Right Click On Here -> Copy
  4. You should be redirected to another URL (Another URL to login). Sign in.
  5. You should see the regular Hotmail once signed in.
  6. Once you see the regular Hotmail, do Step #3 again. Copy the same URL above.
  7. Click ?Participate? on the bottom (Scroll down!) and walla!

News Source: Computer Help Forum