IE Theme For Firefox

We all know someone that is just a little too comfortable with that blue “e” but maybe there is something we can do about it. People love to use themes for Firefox and you will be able to use them to make it look like an entirely different browser. You can tell from the screenshots just how realistic it looks in both the Luna theme and the Classic Windows theme. I know plenty of people that would not be able to tell a difference.

You can have the new Firefox skin up and running in less than a minute. Just go to this site and towards the bottom of the page you will see a downloads section. Find the “Install Now” link and you are all set…almost.

If you are using the Luna theme for Windows (the one with the blue bar) then you should also download the XP Window Styles extension that they recommend. This extension will be able to adjust the theme to match the details in Windows XP.

They also have a Button Pack extension which will let you add even more things like the Address and Links label in front of the toolbars. Hey, every detail matters right?

This isn’t something that I would use myself but it would definitely help convert those people who use IE just because they’re familiar with it. I think I might try this on a few people. :D