How To Prevent Disasters On A Mac

Mac users will now be able to rest a little easier if they follow this guide by MacWorld that walks you through how to prevent a disaster. Here is a summary of the topics they cover:
Prevent intruders:

  1. Check Login and Startup Items
  2. Activate Activity Monitor
  3. Use Feature-rich Firewall Software
  4. Geek Out

When your laptop disappears:

  1. Keep Paperwork
  2. Encrypt Your Files
  3. Leave Your Calling Card
  4. Get Tracking Software
  5. Act Fast

Before you give your Mac away:

  1. Deauthorize It
  2. Erase Everything Securely
  3. Make It Factory Fresh

It looks like they cover a wide range of topics that and most Mac users will find some part of the information useful.

MacWorld’s 12 Tips To Prevent A Mac Disaster