Foxit Reader

Foxit Advertisement Menu Many of you have probably become quite familiar with Foxit Reader by this point because of the speed and simplicity that it offers over the classic Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you haven’t tried it then you’re really missing out on a speedy little PDF reader that doesn’t even require installation, which means you can easily take it with you for use on any computer.

I’ve been using Foxit for quite some time now and switching to Adobe would feel like taking a step backwards. One thing that I always thought would make Foxit a little better was removing that advertisement in the upper-right corner of the window. It is nothing too obtrusive but I have seen “cracks” available to remove that ad. The thing that always struck me as interesting was the option in the View menu to remove the advertisement. Periodically I would remove the advertisement from Foxit using the option, but it would always reappear right after I restart the program.

Just a few days ago in the forum Richard pointed out (and blogged about) how to remove the Foxit Reader advertisement permanently without needing a crack. All you have to do is start Foxit, uncheck the Advertisement option from the View menu, close Foxit, and after you do that a total of 5 times the ad won’t show up anymore.

I was quite surprised to see that the trick really worked! After 5 times the ad stopped showing up even though I could always go into the View menu to re-enable it incase I start going through ad withdrawals. I was never so bothered by the ad that I needed to find a way to remove it, but it is nice knowing how to get rid of it now.

Thanks for telling us about this Richard!