There are all kinds of tools available for managing your Flickr photos, many of which will even upload them for you. The problem is that most of the tools available aren’t even close to being a comprehensive photo editing application. You can’t do things like edit a photo before you upload it to Flickr, well, you could but that would require another program.

That’s where Google is ahead of Yahoo! in my opinion. Google has their Picasa photo management software that can both manage and edit your photos, which can then be uploaded to the Picasa Web Albums service. I’ve really been getting into Flickr lately (I even purchased a pro account to host family photos) and it is much better than Picasa Web Albums.


Now there is a way to get the best of both worlds! Picasa2Flickr is an open source project that adds an upload button to Picasa. When you click on that button a window will popup asking for the information needed in order to upload the photos (tags, privacy, etc…).

This button goes through a website ( to do the uploading, which is actually kind of nice. That means any upgrades that are done don’t require you to update your computer! All they have to do is update the script on their server, and then you’ll be using the latest version.

Picasa2Flickr Homepage (Download Page)

Source: Lifehacker