The Olympics are just a few days away and this time more than ever, new media will be playing an important role in helping the World keep-up with all of the events. Google is one source, and Garett Rogers over at ZDNet points out how Google is making quite an effort to immerse themselves in it.

Here’s how to use Google to keep-up with the Olympics:

  1. Google Search
    When you perform a search such as “diving olympics,” you will see the schedule for the event you searched for. In my example above, I found that on August 10th at 2:30 ET will be the Women’s Synchronised Diving.
    google olympics.png
    You can use Google to search for any of your favorite Summer sports like gymnastics, rowing, cycling, boxing, etc.
  2. YouTube
    If you live outside of the U.S (and yes, you read that right), you will be able to turn to YouTube to view clips from the olympics. Viewers in 77 different countries will be able to watch the clips on demand for free. The reason those living in the united States and several other countries will not be able to take advantage of this is because of exclusive broadcasting agreements the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has made (e.g., NBC in the U.S.).
  3. Logo
    Their logo isn’t a significant contribution to the olympic games and won’t help you keep up with the events but you can guess that Google will definitely be doing something special with their logo when the games start on Friday – 08/08/08.