VistaresourcekitA couple of days ago, the Windows Vista Blog announced what they thought would be a big day for IT pros – The Resource Kit for Windows Vista has been released! That’s right, 1500 pages (yes, you read that right) of “in-depth” technical guidance “on deploying, securing, and managing Windows Vista.”

Who knew it would take 1500 pages to explain all of this to IT pros? I wonder how many pages would be included in “Windows Vista for Dummies” or an “Instruction Manual” that I hear people complaining is missing from the box when they purchase Vista?

For $59.99 you can learn all the ins and outs of Windows Vista deployment (i.e. disk imaging, volume activation), management (i.e. user accounts, printing, file sharing and collaboration), maintenance (remote user assistance, software updates and patches), networking, and troubleshooting (i.e. how to deal with errors).

Or, you could read Paul Thurrott’s eight-part, detailed Windows Vista Review (not 1500 pages worth of detail— but more than enough for anyone) for free. :)