iPhone When Microsoft launched the Zune it was a big deal because they ventured into areas, like wireless transferability of songs, that no other major manufacturer’s have jumped into. When Apple released information regarding their iPhone earlier today it left me wondering what Microsoft’s next move was going to be. They have their Smart Phones, Zune Media Player, and portable Media Center devices but it would be tough for them to compete with Apple’s all-in-one package that is scheduled for release in June of 2007.

Even though I am excited about the iPhone the price is still a little steep. Not only that but we also have to think about the quality of the unit. No one has been able to get their hands on one of these to personally try it out and see if it operates as smooth as it sounds. One of the largest priorities for me is call quality, and with the unit lacking an external antenna, the possibility of a weak signal strength continues to jump around in my head.

Zune Phone Putting any negative thoughts about the iPhone aside, what will Microsoft’s next mobile products be like? One thought that was submitted by a Digg user is pictured to the left. While the reality of the “mockup” is far fetched, it does go to show that the Zune already seems outdated after only being available for less than two-months. One feature that Microsoft plans on adding to the Zune’s is the ability to play games. Of course, iPod users can already do that…and the Zune will not possibly get this feature until July 2008!

I think Microsoft is trying to focus on the media player area a little too late. Apple already has an enormous chunk of the marketshare and they are selling more than 5 million songs a day on iTunes. That is more than 1.8 billion songs a year! Microsoft will have a very tough time competing with numbers like that.

It will be interesting to hear what the reviews are like on the iPhone once they hit the shelf, and I won’t be owning one until I am able to read unbiased reviews from users. Having everything incorporated into a single device makes me think that this is too good to be true, and I can hardly stand the anticipation while I wait to find out. Oh yeah, and I hope that the screen is scratch-resistant unlike those dreaded iPod Nano’s!