Html5 test

A lot of reviews for browsers reference a lot of performance and standards compatibility tests, such as the SunSpider or Acid3 tests. There is another test available to help you figure out how well your browser supports HTML5 already. The site is and scores the browser out of a possible 450 points.

The problem is that the HTML5 specifications hasn’t been finalized and so browser makers don’t have a full set of standards to work off of yet. Many of them are already working hard at incorporating many of the special elements for audio, video, forms, geolocation, WebGL, storage, and more.

My screenshot above is from the four major Windows browsers, and Chrome takes the cake with a score of 328 while Internet Explorer is lagging behind (duh) with a score of 141. It’s exciting to see Chrome so far out in the lead because that means other browsers like Opera and Firefox will definitely push hard to catch up.