Linksys Router It seems like whenever I am trying to solve someone’s computer problems they are always related to wireless somehow. The first thing that I go to do is get on their router, but they never know the password! That is a bad thing for two reasons:

  1. If they don’t know the password that typically means that they have not changed the default password.
  2. Now I have to go find the default username/password.

I always end up changing the default password for them but I first have to get on to the router. It typically doesn’t take me too long because I just look for the online manual but it still consumes more time than it should.

Sifting through manuals will now be a thing of the past because this extensive list of routers has the corresponding usernames and passwords for each router! You may be thinking to yourself “how big can this list be?” Let me tell you that it is enormous! This is definitely something that deserves a place in your bookmarks.