Flickr Wallpapers

Sometimes it is hard to find a great wallpaper especially one that doesn’t make you download all kinds of spyware and junk in order to use it. So why not use one of the largest photo sources on the Web…Flickr!

That is exactly what Wallpapr does for you. It will probe Flickr to find images from the Wallpapers group that are over 1024 x 768 in size. Sure you could just go to that group and search it yourself but I think it is much easier to see them all nicely tiled on one screen the way Wallpapr does it.

Another great source for wallpapers that I have used for a long time is InterfaceLIFT. It has all kinds of really great backgrounds with the ability to filter them by size as well. Anyone else know some other cool places to get backgrounds because I constantly change mine and like to mix things up a little?

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