Internet Explorer 7 According to one of Microsoft’s bloggers the release date for Internet Explorer 7 appears to be October 18th. For those of you grabbing for your calendar I’ll let you know that it is next Wednesday…a day after Mozilla plans on shipping Firefox 2 RC3.

The new IE7 will then be delivered via Automatic Updates starting on November 1, which is exactly two-weeks after the official release. They recommend that users test their site to ensure that it is compatible with IE7 by downloading the RC1 that was made available a few months back. If you are still skeptical about installing it or plan on never using it then you may want to use the IE7 Automatic Delivery Blocker that Microsoft provides.

I do have to admit that I am glad to see Internet Explorer getting tabs simply because I don’t have easy access to Firefox wherever I go. I have it installed on my USB drive but sometimes I don’t feel like pulling it out and waiting for Windows to install the necessary drivers that are needed to use it. At least now I will have a decent tabbed browser available, of course, that is assuming that the places I usually visit don’t block the automatic installation.