IE7 Will Be Distributed Through Automatic Updates

The IEBlog just announced that Internet Explorer 7 will be distributed through high-priority Automatic Updates when it gets released later this year. They are doing this so that people can browse the safest and easiest way possible. Surprisingly, when the Automatic Updates downloads IE7 it will prompt the users asking whether or not to install the new browser, or ask if they want to be reminded later. I wonder what this will mean for those people running pirated version of Windows XP. The update is marked as high-priority so the system will download it regardless of whether the system is genuine or not but what will happen when the user tries to install it? Will Microsoft let them install it and hope it will increase their market share or is it going to be like the current installation process and check to make sure that the system is not illegal before the installation even begins? Of course Microsoft has already thought about the large corporations that will not want to upgrade the browser, at least not when it is first released. To help those people out Microsoft is providing a Blocker Toolkit which can be downloaded and installed. By doing so the Automatic Update system will not download IE7 when it is released. Opera just released Opera 9 a little while ago, Firefox will be release version 2.0 later this year and now Internet Explorer 7 is expected in the fourth quarter. The browser wars continue to heat up as companies add more and more features to draw users in.