IE7 Pro 2

IE7Pro just released version 2.0 to the public, and it has a few notable new features. For starters it has been modularized which will help increase its stability, and there is also a 64-bit version available on the download page. The biggest news, however, can be summed up by looking at the screenshot above. Yep, that’s a built-in download manager! It automatically integrates into Internet Explorer 7, and as you can see from the screenshot it supports the pausing/resuming of your downloads.

They took an interesting route with the way they implemented it, but I think they did it the right way. The download manager has a System Tray icon, and by default it is always running. Even if you close the browser the download manager will still remain open. One of the benefits for this is that your downloads will continue chugging along even when the browser has been closed, but there is an option in the settings to have the download manager close after all of the downloads have been completed.

One thing I’m sure many of you are wondering is whether you can completely shutdown the download manager and resume your downloads at another time. As it turns out you can! With this you can essentially restart your computer, and still pickup where your downloads left off. Now try doing that with Internet Explorer 7 out-of-the-box.

Personally I would never use Internet Explorer 7 without the IE7Pro add-on. It actually makes IE7 bearable. :)

Download IE7Pro 2.0