I think the Opera development team should be proud of their Speed Dial idea because it is now available for most major browsers, and even as a standalone website. Firefox was the second browser to get it via an extension, and now with the Beta version of IE7Pro you can get it in Internet Explorer 7!

Instead of blatantly calling the feature Speed Dial, IE7Pro has opted for the name "Easy Homepage". You’ll find the option in the right-click menu of the IE7Pro icon in the Status Bar, and after that you can bookmark the address if you want it as your true homepage.

IE7 Easy Homepage

That’s not all that the new Beta entails though:

  1. EasyHome added
  2. Hotkey full customizable now.
  3. Single IE instance support
  4. Tab session restore function added
  5. Can use hotkey to dupliate tabs.
  6. Plugin system improved
  7. Plugin auto-install support
  8. DEP problem solved
  9. Inline search improved
  10. PRO_setValue/PRO_getValue problem solved

Those are a lot of great improvements, but that’s not even half of what IE7Pro does. It can also do inline spell checking, add the current weather to the Status Bar, restore your tab session, and much more. I don’t think that I would ever use Internet Explorer without IE7Pro because it adds a lot of features that make the browser a lot more functional.

Download IE7Pro 1.0.1 Beta and leave your feedback [MajorGeeks has a download mirror]