lost camera.pngRyan and I tend to take a lot of pictures with our camera, and so if we were ever to lose it, we’d be pretty bummed about the pictures still sitting on the memory card that were lost. Some of you have probably been on a vacation or out and about and lost your camera before, and it’s probably not a very nice feeling. So what is someone to do when they lose their camera, and therefore their pictures? Better yet, what is an honest person supposed to do when they come across a lost camera and they want to try and find the owner? A fairly new blog is there to the rescue, to help unite lost cameras with their owners.

The blog is found at www.ifoundyourcamera.blogspot.com and as mentioned, it is new so they don’t have a whole lot of content on there quite yet. If you’ve found a camera and you have it in your possession, they ask that you email them with at least four photos from the found camera, and as many details as possible (like where it was found, and when). Every Thursday they end-up posting the pictures with whatever information was provided in hopes that someone will recognize someone in a picture and be able to identify whose camera the pictures came from so that the camera can be returned.

To help make things a little easier for people who have lost their cameras and are trying to recover them, they have a search feature where you can search for pictures found near you. They also keep track of their success and at this point, 10 different people were able to be reunited with their cameras, all thanks to the site. It’s good to know there are still good people out there, isn’t it?

This site got me thinking about all of the cameras that are lost every single day. While this blog is amazing, it seems as though there needs to be a more wide-spread method to help people get their cameras back. Our idea is that camera makers like Sony, Nikon, Kodak, and Canon, should set-up a section on their website dedicated to this. If all of them did this, people would know to automatically turn to these camera websites to either look for their camera when they lose it, or post pictures from a camera that they found.

If you’ve ever lost your camera, you know that it’s not a good feeling to think that you probably won’t ever get your photos back unless someone who’s honest decides to take the time to try and identify who the camera belongs to. Ifoundyourcamera.net is a nifty idea that needs to spread like wildfire to the thousands of people out there who find lost cameras regularly, and to the poor people who lose them. It sure beats posting “Lost” signs around town, doesn’t it?

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