There’s a social network for just about everything these days, why not music? iJigg went live on January 15th and is a Digg-like social network for music. It’s not the first social network for music by any means, but to my knowledge, it’s the first Digg-like one. Here’s how it works: Artists upload their songs, and then they get “jigged” by fellow jiggers which then influences the music that becomes popular.  The music can be shared by embedding it into a blog/site, sharing it via email, or by posting it to a Facebook account.

The interface is clean and simple, and they break the music up into ‘Most Popular,’ ‘Recently Posted,’ ‘My Favorites,’ and ‘Genre.’ For artists, it is easy for them to come and post music, and for listeners, it’s just as easy to come listen.  They use tags so that it’s simple for people to search and browse the music.Right now only MP3 files can be uploaded, however there are plans to include other formats in the future. Below is an example of an embedded song.  I went to the “Most Popular” section and found the song “Unravel” with 77 Jiggs which seemed to be the most out of all the listed songs.


A few of the downsides: First, you’re unable to download music, so if you really like a song, you’ll be stuck at iJigg all day listening to it. Because it’s a social network for music, you’d assume that you could create a friends list.  Unfortunately you can’t. And of course, just like Digg, they will be battling with spammers, it’s a given.

With it’s clean easy on the eyes interface, iJigg is a good place to go to find independent music.  Hopefully the gaming and spamming won’t get the best of them. So far it appears to be under control. Good luck iJigg!