But everybody is doing it“But everybody is doing it” appears to be one of the popular excuses that children are using in Europe and elsewhere when asked why they are illegally downloading music and movies, according to a recent study. And when they say “everybody,” often times they mean their parents too. So while these kids understand that they could get in trouble, they brush off simply by using the popular cliché “everybody is doing it, why can’t I?”

Those who decide to download songs and movies from the Internet have other reasons besides the fact that others are doing it too.  One of the other big retorts is that movies and music are too expensive, and those who download illegally wouldn’t purchase them anyways, so there’s no loss for the artists. Another is that the claims that illegal downloading hurts artists “lacks credibility.”

Additional findings from the study:

  • Most children surveyed said they’d continue downloading illegally
  • Children were more worried about downloading a virus than they were getting into legal trouble
  • Most children surveyed use the Internet several times a day
  • Most have their own mobile phones and use them unsupervised

With this information and the findings of the survey that parents and their children are downloading music and movies illegally, is it a lost cause for the recording industry? Or will this knowledge just fuel their ambition to catch as many people as possible, no matter how old or young?

Source: Reuters