image resizer power toy-2.jpg

I’m sure many of you remember the “Power Toys” from the Windows XP days, and you probably have at least one of them installed if you’re still running XP. My favorite was always the ability to quickly resize images with a simple right-click on the photo(s) from within Windows Explorer. It was fast, simple, and did exactly what you wanted it to.

If you’re a Windows 7 user you can get that same functionality from the Prish Image Resizer. It’s designed as a replacement to the Power Toy, and has all of the same functionality. When you right-click on an image you can choose from a set of default resizing options, or you can customize it further by choosing the general “Resize” option. Doing that will pop open the interface where you can manually set a size you want the image scaled to, and you can also specify the location for the resized image(s). That’s right, don’t forget that you can resize multiple images by simply selecting them all in Windows Explorer.

It’s definitely nothing fancy, but if you were expecting any more than this you’d probably want to switch to a photo management application like Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery. For those quick operations, however, this should be perfect.

Prish Image Resizer (Windows Vista/7/XP; Freeware; 32/64-bit)