Here’s another Firefox Extension for you to try out!  It’s called AutoSlideshow, and  allows you to view a slideshow of images on any web page.  I tried it out on a post that we did for the Object Desktop Review/Giveaway.  There were quite a few pictures on the page, so I figured it would be a good candidate. It worked well.

First, you’ll need to go here to download the extension.  After you’ve installed it, you’ll notice a toolbar up at the top that will have all of the buttons you need for getting the slideshow started.  Press the slideshow button on any web page that has images, and linked images (only if they’re in pure html), and the show will begin.

There are a few options that you can adjust to customize the extension.  One of the first that you might want to change is how quickly the next image will appear.  The default is 3 seconds which may be too long or too short for your liking. There are also options for the crossfade effects.  You can either set it fade in/fade out, zoom in, or random.

 Within the options, there is one change that you’ll probably want to make.  Go up to tools, and then click on Add-ons. Under the ‘Images’ tab, you’ll want to un-check to zoom small images to windows size.  If the box is checked, it will stretch the images to fit your browser. If you have a large browser window because of a large monitor, it will really distort the image.

This extension has special support for web sites like Wikipedia, Google, and Yahoo, particularly the image pages on Google and Yahoo. Here are a few links that you can try it out on, I included a CyberNet article so you can see how it works with blogs:

I found it to be a really useful extension that could possibly save you some time, and even a few mouse clicks. Remember, it will only work with images that have html tags.

AutoSlideshow Download