Simple image viewer

I spend a lot of time looking at images on my computer since it currently serves as a home to the tens of thousands that I’ve taken. It should therefore come as no surprise that I tinker around a lot with various image viewers to ensure that I’m always using the one that fits my needs the best. A slightly more interesting one that I recently stumbled across is called Nexus Image, and the screenshot you see above is pretty what the whole interface looks like.

Nexus Image places all of the focus on your images, and so the first time you open up this portable app you’ll notice that it dims everything in the background to draw even more attention to the images. Double-clicking anywhere in the main window will open up a file navigator so that you can browse for the images you want to view. This also happens to be where the one thing I don’t like about the app comes in. When browsing for images to view you have to select the image you want to start with, and then it will populate the thumbnail bar along the side with other images that are in that same folder. From what I can tell there is no way for you to have it open images from subfolders, which based on how I organize some of my images would be a nice feature to have.

The app does have a few settings you can configure, and you’ll find those by clicking the tiny little dot in the upper-left corner of the main window’s titlebar. A menu will pop-out with various things you can adjust, such as how much it should dim the background/desktop or whether you want the EXIF info for the photos displayed on the screen. The shining point, however, is that this is a portable app that occupies under 2MB of space, which should make it feel right at home in your Dropbox or on your USB drive.

Nexus Image Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)