Import Bookmarks To Google Bookmarks

Have you been wanting a little more privacy to your bookmarks? If you are a user then here is your chance! The same guy, who happens to work for Google, that just made the Greasemonkey script to add Google Reader to your GMail account also developed a script to import your bookmarks to Google Bookmarks from

The importer does require you to enter in your username and password but it shows you the source code of the script in case you want to run it on your own server. After you get that information entered in it will actually take you to the Google Bookmark page and ask you which of the items you would like to import. It will also grab your tags from and assign them as labels for each bookmark.

Why Google hasn’t officially done something like this is beyond me? They should have an importer for almost all of the bookmarking services to help them standout from the crowd. Since this guy works for Google maybe this is something that is kinda in the testing phase?

I like using Google Bookmarks much more than primarily because of the privacy but also because I like the extensions that Google Bookmarks has compared to I can’t even think of a way that Google could make the bookmarking system better because the Firefox extensions can manipulate the data in ways to make it appear that you have subfolders in your bookmarks!

Thanks for the tip Chris!